Omnia Limited is dedicated to addressing the need to establish and maintain optimal health by conducting research and development on quality rejuvenation products. We believe in providing quality products delivered in conjunction with impeccable service. By continuously developing our product range, our goal is to achieve a complete synergistic strategy to meet the needs of our customers and patients with quality products at affordable prices.

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As a privately owned company. Established in 2012, Omnia Limited is a research-based bio-pharmaceutical and biotechnology company dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and marketing lifestyle enhancement and rejuvenation products. Our portfolio also includes an extensive product line created to assist in the treatment of infertility, hypogonadisim and HIV management. We utilize various drug delivery technologies, including controlled release, trans-dermal, oral and injectable delivery systems. The Omnia brand has enjoyed a growing presence in the US and Asia-Pacific  region over the past five year by pursuing a multi-layered growth strategy and strategic alliances with well-established partners.

At Omnia, we innovate every day to make the world a healthier place. It was the vision of our founders at the very beginning and it holds true today in everything we do. From scientific discovery to breakthrough products to our essential partnerships around the world, we’re committed to quality healthcare and improvement for our consumers. Because every individual matters.

We are committed to operating sustainably and addressing our social and ethical responsibilities. We also respect the interests of all our stakeholders. Employees with a passion for innovation enjoy excellent development opportunities at Omnia.

In fulfilling our mission, we are guided by our corporate values. Represented by the acronym LIFE. LIFE stands for Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency.

Global Leaders

With offices based regionally throughout the United States and Southeast Asia, we at Omnia Limited are committed to ensuring we deliver the value and quality of products our patients and customers have come to expect. We are focused on continuously improving the way we do business.



HQ - Meridian House, Gadbrook House

Phone: 202-555-0114